The Importance of Web Structure in SEO

Years ago, a person could make a website, and people would flock to it no matter how it looked or how they constructed it. Now, a poorly constructed website is a barren wasteland even if it has killer content on it. Web structure is crucial to modern sites, and it is a completely different animal than the website design animal is. Potential customers are likely to leave early if your site does not have a good structure to it. The following are some tips on how you can prevent that from happening to your new site. Alternatively, the information can help you to brush up your existing site so that it does not happen to you in the near future:

Create a Navigational Breeze and not a Maze

One of the biggest turn-offs for a prospective customer is a navigational issue. Web surfers can prospects don’t want a maze. They want to obtain the answers to their questions quickly. They want to buy the products that the desire without having to deal with nonsense. If a visitor has to use a GPS just to get around your site, then he probably isn’t going to return. You can stop your visitors from getting frustrated by planning your layout before you even start your site. Site visitors should be able to get to what they desire within three clicks or less. Adjust your page if it takes any longer than that.

Use Internal Linking Strategies

Are you sharing your older posts inside of your new posts? Start now if you aren’t yet doing it. If you have a big site, you’ll want your guest to be able to get to your other posts as quickly as possible. Internal linking is a great way to do that. It can help your traffic even if you have a small site. The easiest way to do that is to take keywords or keyword phrases and then link to your other posts in a strategic fashion. For example, you could link the keyword phrase “auto repairs” to an article that you have about an issue that you had with your car.

Eliminate All Duplicate Pages

Duplicate content is a site killer because it’s something that Google’s algorithm hates. Even if you have duplicate content on your site by mistake, you can still get hit with a violation that will drop your site very far down in the ranks. It’s good to skim your page and make sure that you don’t have anything repetitive going on like that.

Clean Up Your URLs

Finally, your URLs can mess up your traffic if they contain strange characters. You could make your URLs work for you if you know good SEO tactics. First, you need to make your URLs very high in keyword relevancy. Next, you must remove any URLs that have strange characters in them. The strange characters complicate things and make it more difficult than ever for the crawlers to crawl your page.

The Long and Short

Once again, the visitor’s experience is what can make or break your traffic and conversions. You need to do three things to ensure that your visitors have an amazing user experience. The first thing you need to do is make the information easily accessible for the customer. The second thing you want to do is ensure that navigation is simplistic. The third thing that you must do is make sure that the click-through experiences lines up with the visitor’s expectations. If you can do that and perform a thorough mechanical SEO check on your site, then you should be able to succeed.