Mirador: Case Study

Font Type Specimen landing page

As part of my first week/project in UI class, I was presented with a challenge: Creating my first landing page with only one font — Mirador. In order to “sell” this font, this how my design came about…

Mirador is a classic font family that was created by german designer, Rene Bieder. Designed for various uses ranging from editorial and corporate design to web, interaction and product design. With this in mind, I wanted to showcase just how well this font could be utilized.

Landing on the page, you get a classic and sophisticated feel. Twilight backdrop paired with muted blues, greys, and gold. It ties in with just what this font is all about.

I created product labels over bottles which was the most enjoyable part of this process. Seeing how easily and well it worked — heck, I would buy these products with a font like that! I wanted to communicate that the font was quite versatile in being sophisticated but also playful and fun.

But as with every design, obstacles are faced (and solutions to them!). I had to really experiment with different font sizing, kerning, and tracking. Each gave a different but pleasant result in the end. With this in mind, I can apply this to future projects and work.