How To Be Everybody’s Favorite Intern

Just use these three simple steps.

1. Be proactive.

Ask questions about your job and what you could be doing better. Always seek feedback on your projects, even if it’s how you filed those documents — you can always do better. Don’t be afraid to express your opinion. Ask questions about family and personal things — it’s not all about the work, and you can make some great friends asking about your cubicle buddy’s hobbies. Ask questions about your supervisor’s work, his career history, his future goals.

2. Don’t gossip.

It doesn’t matter who you’re gossiping with — your fellow intern (harmless, right?), the security officer at the desk, your mom on the phone outside. If you’re going to say negative things about your boss or your coworkers or the job, you better be locked in your room at home with nobody listening. Negative words carry a lot farther than you think, and gossip tends to make you look bad in everyone’s eyes, even if your words don’t reach your boss.

3. Show gratitude.

If somebody gives you a task that you really enjoyed, tell them thank you! (Actually, tell them thank you even if you hated it. You got experience, and now you know you hate it.) People remember people who say thank you, and not many people scrambling their way to the top take time to express genuine gratitude.