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Radical Feminist Themes and Texts

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Radical feminism is a term bandied about a lot nowadays — but what really is it? The following article is amalgamation of my notes from an undergraduate module in philosophy at Durham University — Theory, Literature and Society — taught by the wonderful Dr. Richard Stopford.

Radical Feminism?

Advocacy of radical left-wing measures designed to counter the traditional dominance of men over women; the movement associated with this.’

One thing to note early on is that defining feminism is in itself interesting and different feminists will have different views on this. Liberal feminisms, as a function of liberal ideologies, are different. The basics of feminism is that men and women ought be equal. This isn’t often disputed, but there are different views about how to distribute equalities and such. At the very basic level it is the belief that women are limited from certain things in society (such as suffrage, property rights, education). …

Who was the eclectic philosopher?

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Jeremy Bentham is perhaps best known for the rather inglorious incident where his head was stolen in October 1975 by students from King’s College, London, and returned after a ransom of £10 was paid to the charity Shelter.

I’m an alumni of Durham University, and here in the UK we do have some odd university traditions revolving around rivalries between establishments, but I’ve never seen University College of Durham nick a head off of Hatfield College, of the same institution.

This bizarre predicament arose because Bentham’s body has been displayed, as according to his wishes, as an “auto-icon”; a week before he died, Bentham set out the following (according to Brian Duignan of…

A sneak-peek

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my mini book, available on Etsy

I’ve recently produced a book of cute pictures of dogs alongside beautiful quotes by philosophers that I adore. At the moment, it’s got something of a homely, homemade feel — but I hope to produce a small book in the future, with a professional look. Here’s a sneak-peek of a small selection of the quotes and pictures. Get the full version here.

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“Never let the future disturb you. You will meet it, if you have to, with the same weapons of reason which today arm you against the present.”

- Marcus Aurelius

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“Look back, look forth, look close, there may be more prosperous times, more intelligent times, more spiritual times, more magical times, and more happy times, but this one, this small moment in the history of the universe, this is ours. And let’s do everything with it. …

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