No Rain

A Blind Melon Inspiration

You’ve seen the video … the bee-girl is on stage, tap dancing her heart away, putting her dedication on display to be judged, and eventually the laughs and ridicule come, from those not brave enough to get on stage. And then the song begins …

The scenes follow our bee-girl around the city, where she’s looking to connect and find people, who maybe look a little bit like her, and a whole lot different. At first, there are a few head scratches at her quirky dance, and extravagant outfit, along with other people who need a little sunshine of ‘hello’ in their day. And then it happens, through an iron gate, she sees them and busts into the field to join her “bee-people”, tall, short, black, white, woman, man, curvy, straight, ruffles, no ruffles it’s not how they look, but the spirit of the bee-people which brings them together in a field where they can all flourish.

I first learned about bee-people on a trip to Spain two years ago, not the song of course, but the meaning of finding your people. A now dear friend, I met on the trip explained, you know when you find your bee-people, it may only take a few words or moments and it clicks … we are uniquely different, but the cut from the same cloth. We live in a world, where life coaches tell us to audit our inner circles, and it’s true because at a certain point on this roller coaster of existence we all realize time is one of the most valuable resources, as it’s limited and cannot be bought or borrowed. Your bee-people are those who lift you up on your best days, and of course those bad days too. Bee-people are excited by your success, and inspired to do better along side of you, rather than counter your success story with their own. Bee-people ask about your day, week, month … they ask about what is most important to you, and then they listen. Bee-people reach out, when there is nothing to gain, only the mutual feeling of love when we connect with others.

Why is it important to make sure you have bee-people? Because life changes, there is no stopping it… careers, families, moving, health, well-being, events, even building businesses. And much of life, including building any type of business, can feel like a solo act, putting on your ruffled, yellow tutu to dance your heart out and keeping doing so every day, despite those who decide to judge while sitting in their seats. But remember, you aren’t alone, even on the toughest days … because you have hard working, embolden, love filled, dancing bee-people who will forever keep building up your hive, their hive, our hive, where we can all continue to buzz, buzz, buzz.

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