Why We Are Self Publishing the Aviary Cookbook - Lessons From the Alinea Book.
nick kokonas

Thank you for sharing your words. We live in a world, where we do not need to be chained to an old guard of how we tell our stories, from self-publishing to social media. I wrote a short piece on why Mark and I are beginning to tell our story online, via YouTube etc. as we know so many small businesses work extremely hard to keep their doors open every single day, feeling as though they are going it alone. I too, was hesitant to post, for fear of back lash, being a small independent restaurant. However, I went for it, because helping and inspiring other small businesses is too important. While we may not have the same gear, and our productions will be night and day different, even though our restaurants are only blocks away from one another, I’m motivated by this post to push the fear aside to tell our own story, as I said in my post … it’s directly from the source and the heart. Cheers!