Why I Stopped Making Resolutions

RESOLUTION | a firm decision to do or not to do something; the action of solving a problem, dispute, or contentious matter.

Creating and acting on resolutions makes people feel good. The beginning of a year, gives the illusion of a fresh start. Especially after most of the world over indulged for a number of weeks through the holidays. But here’s the thing to remember, every single day is a fresh start. Every single sunrise, where we are given the gift of waking up is a new beginning. Once I truly realized this, I began setting small goals for myself throughout the year, rather than waiting until the start of a new year, and having a large list of all the grand things I was going to do or change.

When I stopped making resolutions, I realized my own ‘North Star’, meaning what is my ultimate goal, which drives me. Finding my North Star, then gave me the opportunity to figure out how to work my ass off to accomplish what was most important to me in my career. The North Star also lets me stay on track, and if I start to lose focus, it helps me to correct my actions and refocus on what is most important to attain the North Star.

So, for me, the deliberate act of not making resolutions, has helped me be more centered both personally and professionally, and ultimately more successful in achieving my goals. I encourage everyone to find your North Star, and put in a clear plan to reach for it every single day, it will give you a road map to follow when you get a bit lost and help keep your sights set on the destination of your journey.

Cheers to 2018 and our North Stars! ⭐️

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