When Nicki and I announced our engagement on social media about seven years ago, many people in my life were shocked I was marrying a woman. All of my friends had known me as a straight girl with boyfriends.

But there was another part of me waiting there to be…

Today was our kids’ first day at Forest School, and by “day” I mean three hours. Tomorrow is their second morning of what will now be their 6-hour (total) in-person school week: Monday and Tuesday mornings in the forest — tiny 4-kid pods, child-centered, masks mandatory. …

It’s been a heavy week in the country, again, and it feels like a heavy season is upon us, in an unending and enduring way. We feel the heaviness of fall in our own household as the temperature changes. We are both inspired by the vibrant colors emerging from the leaves, and also dreading what to do with two small kids when schools are not reliable and the cold blanket descendants. It was all too much so we took a walk, and a Japanese forest bath. It helped.

Someone messed up our car

We woke up this morning, looked outside, and noticed that something looked really weird about our car. One of the windshield wipers was bent all the way up in the air, the windshield itself was cracked, and there was mud all over the side of…

Elizabeth Spector Louden

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