What’s your outlet?

Ivan Salinas, 19, sophomore at CSUN

Ivan Salinas, 19, a sophomore at CSUN grew up in Mexico City. He moved to the states when he was 10. He gets most of his news from The New York Times,Vox and The Guardian. Mitu and Remezcla are the two ethnic media outlets he follows. “Apart from it being that it is close to my ethnicity, it is important to be culturally literate and its important to me,” said Salinas.

Map of where ethnic media is consumed, CSUN.

Fathima Mohaideen, 28, a graduate student at CSUN grew up in Saudi Arabia. She moved to the states in December 2016 for graduate school. She consumes most of her media from the Washington Post, Buzzfeed, CNN, NPR and Fox. Most of her ethnic media outlets she reads are based in India like The Hindu and The Times of India. “I want to see what is happening there (India) and to stay connected,” Mohaideen said. “ My family is still there and I want to see what is going on. The U.S. media does not cover any news in India.”

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