Protestors gather outside of a venue prior to Bill Cosby’s scheduled show. (Image via Pixelhouse)

In the days after Sacramento police gunned down 22 year-old Stephon Clark on his grandparents’ lawn, the city’s NBA team joined forces with organizers and protesters to demand justice. In addition to partnering with local activists, the Sacramento Kings wore t-shirts and released PSA’s centered on a particular slogan: “Accountability. We are one.”

The message stood out to me as one that, while succinct, conveyed the exasperation of millions around the nation — and the world — with regard to racialized state violence. …

I have been debating whether or not to write this piece for the last two months, which is quite rare for me. I even pitched this to a few publications, none of which expressed interest. I began trying to convince myself that their responses (or lack thereof) were a sign that I should kill the idea, and move on.

But I knew better.

For the past two years, my research, writing, and activism has been centered on sexual violence. It is an issue that is as personal to me as my favorite color. But the hard work of interviewing survivors…

Elizabeth Adetiba

Writer | Researcher | Truthteller

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