The 9 Mistakes Every Beginner Writer Makes

  1. Not Writing.
  2. Not writing until they have created the perfect writing nook/space to write.
  3. Not writing until they can set aside the perfect dedicated two or three hour time slot and commit to doing so every day.
  4. Not writing until the book is perfectly plotted and outlined down to the last detail.
  5. Not writing because they’re rewriting that one paragraph they already wrote over and over and over again.
  6. Not writing because they’ll only write if they can write something perfect the first time.
  7. Not writing because they think their ideas are stupid.
  8. Not writing because they think their idea has been done before.
  9. Not writing because they’re creating the perfect marketing plan for a book that doesn’t exist yet.

Elizabeth Andre is the author of numerous works of fiction including the Lesbian Light Reads series and Tested: Love, sex, and friendship in the Shadow of HIV. She thinks you should write your novel already.

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