Why you have to buy Designer’ clothes only?

This is a question, I guess only few people ask themselves. In the modern world where consumerism is becoming a milestone, creating problems for the environment, bad conditions of work for people involved in the industry all over the world and overproduction and waste of low quality goods, thus multiplying the effect of CO2 emissions…

The solution to this problem is on each and everyone of us. Ghandi said: «Be the change you want to see in the world!» — and it’s up to us, our conscious consumption and our support to the local little brands that can change this model. Let me give you few reasons why, it’s best to choose to buy from a small designer brand:

  • Little brands are highly concerned by the waste of fabric used, most of the times, leftovers are not thrown away but re-cycled and uses to produce some little decorative pieces, accessories and so on.
  • Little brands value their employees, which means that they have proper and well-paid and regulated working hours, that leads to a better quality of the clothes, more sophisticated finishing and quality control of the final garments. This basically means that the piece of clothes you buy from a designer will serve you more then any similar one, bought from a mass-market brand.
  • Prices are higher, but once you understand that it’s paying some bodies child a meal for month, education and health insurance I bet, u will feel more pleased to wear the item, knowing that you not only look good in it, but that you helped someone :)
  • Some of the little brands have a special re-cycling programs. For example, if you buy from a local atelier if your dress is worn out — you can give it back to the seller and it would be re-used to make another two for little girls, or boys. Excluding the bits that are not repairable. Some of them give it to charity organizations for free.
  • By turning to young designers you force the mass-market brands to change their strategy. Once a big amount of people would prefer to buy less, but more quality stuff from the little brands, or capsule collections from young designers, the big companies like H&M or Zara would have to adjust to this, finding out your reasons for conscious consumption they would re-arrange their cycles, produce a better care for their workers, produce a better quality goods and with less waste.

H&M already started to adjust to it with the introduction of its recycling program, yet only 5% of the collected clothes have really been recycled…

There are few places you can find out more about local designers, or buy from little brands and support them.

NJAL.com — is a place where you can find the names and connect to the designers from all over the world.

Capsulz.ru — is a place for young brands and designers, mostly from Russia and Neighbour countries, selling clothes,shoes and accessories. They have introduced a Recycling program — you can buy something from their site, and once the piece is no longer good for you — you can send it back and get a discount for your next purchase.

Etsy.com — a place where individuals and young brands showcase and sell their products.

For offline- check the designers markets or pop-up shops in you city, and if you don’t have it yet — create!