Saving Is Now “Hoarding”
Nicole Dieker

I get that money just sitting in bank accounts isn’t circulating, which has economic consequences. I get that, and agree! But it’s very odd to me to scold people with less than a thousand dollars in those accounts, rather than, say, the corporations and millionaires who have hundreds and hundreds of thousands socked away in the Caymans. But that’s a consistent problem in our culture, apparently — we exhort Johnny-on-the-street to recycle, use less water, burn less gas, but Johnnys-on-the-street could vanish by the hundreds, never using another resource ever, and 90% of the problem would remain, because it’s people much higher up the food chain who are causing 90% of the problem.

(Also, don’t banks use our money when we’re not using it? Isn’t that their whole business model? I guess small accounts with a lot of motion and liquidity would throw a wrench in that, but still, it’s not like our dollars are literally sitting untouched in a vault.)