Ugh performance reviews.

Oh gosh, self-evaluations are the worst and most useless thing. There are four possible outcomes, only one of them even possibly good: (1) Boss says you’re doing well, and you agree (which might be fine, or might be perceived as arrogance). (2) Boss says you’re doing fine, but now you’ve pointed out all the ways you’re not that s/he hadn’t noticed before. (3) Boss says you’re doing poorly when you thought you were doing fine (my usual experience, which is always jarring and awful and leaves me fighting tears the rest of the day). (4) Boss says you’re doing poorly, and you agree, and now you feel even worse and your job is probably in jeopardy. (I guess #4 might lead to opportunities to discuss and improve problems? But I can only imagine leaving that meeting in a cloud of terror and despair.) Please, just tell me how I’m doing and what you want me to do, and stop expecting me to play this anticipate-what-they-want mind game.

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