Uh, what? In an effort to never become someone’s lady suit or chopped into 10000 pieces I would…

This, so much. Who is this person bemoaning the loss of hitchhiking as if it were some kind of fun and harmless activity instead of the first five minutes of a Law & Order episode? Why didn’t her parents love her enough to teach her about self-preservation?

(I have gotten in a stranger’s car exactly once. I had run out of gas on the side of the highway and was walking back to my car with the filled fuel can. First person to stop was a lone male. I gave him a polite no without coming anywhere near the car. Second to stop was a guy with wife and kids in the car… that was a lot less scary, and my feet were hurting a lot, so that offer I accepted. Which turned out to be a good choice because the dad had to help me figure out how to get the gas from the can to the tank!)

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