Finding Housing In Oxford

Jake Bava, a 21 year-old psychology student, shows some of the problems with his current living situation, including warped and broken floor boards. Bava chose to live in his current residence because of its affordability, but problems with the condition of the house have gotten worse without any response from his landlord.
Bava investigates one of the many problem areas in his house. He has to check on the condition of his appliances frequently because they are prone to breaking.
Bava also struggles with the cleanliness of his roommates. Although they each have their own room, their messes like the one seen here tend to spill out into the common area, causing disagreement and tension.
Jake Bava begins his search for a new place to live in Oxford. He turns to all the available resources because he knows he must exhaust his options.
Bava searches on the internet for affordable housing in Oxford, but the results are sparse.
The sight of a “future resident parking” sign has become familiar to Bava, as he has visited several apartment complexes in the Oxford area to no avail.
Bava enters the leasing office of an apartment complex to inquire about rates, availability and the condition of the apartments.
Many of the living options in Oxford are unusual, like this condominium near the Ole Miss campus. This condo, along with a few others, were crossed off Bava’s list early in his search because of affordability.
Bava turns to his parents for help and guidance, but is disappointed in their response. They have given Bava a clear budget and are not able to negotiate it.
Being from St. Louis, several hours away from Oxford, has made Bava’s search even more difficult. The housing market in his home area is unlike Oxford and the distance makes communication with his parents difficult.
Another layer of the housing problem in Oxford for Bava is figuring out who he will be living with in the coming school year. He and his friends must come to an agreement, which is not easy.
Concerned about the roommate outlook in his friend group, Bava turns to more traditional methods of finding someone to live with.
Bava’s posters are successful, as he finds one of his fraternity brothers who is in a similar situation with looking for a new place to live.
Finally signing a lease is a moment that Bava has been looking forward to.
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