Life of fulfillment

Life of Fulfillment

There comes a time in everybody’s life where they look back on their lives and realize that time had gone by so fast, and there are so many things they still want to accomplish.. Well my life hasn’t always been the best at times and there were times that I rather want to erase out of my memory. Life is all about choices and it affect your life whether you like it or not, bad choices ends up in bad results and the only thing you can do to change it is to change the choice to a better one!

I have come a long way to know that people can not always be the ones that you want them to be, they can disappoint, hurt and let you down. Most if the times you have to fight for the things you want and then too things can go wrong and you end up disappoint yourself. It’s only human to want happiness and love and respect in life, and there are so many people out there that live there whole entire life without even one of those. It saddens me to think that there could be lonely souls out there that wishes for only one to love them. We often ask the question “why” why did this have to happen to me? How come I’m the one that has to endure so much horrible things? After my life journey I realized that when bad things happen and you get to stand up and cure yourself of what happened it actually makes you stronger and whatever else may occur after that, makes you the person you are. We don’t always understand but one thing is for certain to lay in a corner and feel sorry for yourself ain’t one of them!

I am a stronger person and I have a will to live my life to the fullest, to conquer my life dream to fulfill my own expectations! I was ones broken and lost but now I am a winner. I found that precious jewel of love, my future is going to he miraculous. I am here to live, to give and to share my life with the people I hold dear. I am determined to give all I can to the one who stole my heart my beloved Angel who changed my life, forever I will cherish forever we will be my Vicky and me!