The Insidious Power of Not-Quite-Harassment
Hannah Waters

How about a new title:

The Insidious Power of the Not Quite Harassed to Destroy Other People’s Lives?


Making the Tough Decision to Transform Relatively Innocuous Behavior Into Traumatizing Harassment

“I’m not here to dig a grave for Bora.”

Well, you did. Should you be forgiven because you have chosen to see “deeply damaging interaction” being the result of a long hug? Bora hugged everyone, and people hugged him, and others hugged others. Can you truthfully say you never hugged anyone at the job? What if they decided then and there, or years later, that you hugged them for too long? Well, I digress, but one day, Bora hugs you, and in your judgment of the moment, unknown to him, it is too long. You say nothing, but later, much later, you allege you went home traumatized by the “one second too long” hug. As you claim here, it’s “actions that matter” not Bora’s intention. Yes? But in reality, it’s your reactions that matter, your choice, clearly made, to react in such a manner as to transform Bora overnight into a sexual predator and in doing so, report it here and ruin his life.

Yes, the power of choice. You chose to feel harassed, to be harassed, and to elevate that notion of harassment to a sufficient level that you feel you are justified in ruining his career. And let’s make no mistake or play the innocent. You have made the choice to ruin him. And what is the real reason, Hannah? I say the real reason lies in your own self doubt about your ability as a writer. Overthinking and being somewhat paranoid you somehow convinced yourself that Bora made you into a sex object and therefore this invalidated your self worth, your confidence and esteem. This made you very upset, and as payback, you made this blog post.

But anyone with sense can see, your inner turmoil and lack of confidence are your own. You need help, not because you are capable of being harassed in new and interesting ways, but because you can’t take responsibility for yourself.

“ emotionally impaired by sexual harassment that they aren’t even sure is real”

How can you be traumatized or emotionally impaired by something you’re not sure is real?

You have a lot to answer for. Those supporting you are happy to make you the latest cause and promote you. Well, good for you. This is the most accomplished and well said self-martyring act I’ve ever witnessed, and boy have I seen a lot of them.

You’re in line for an Oscar, dear. But you should know, now that you’ve made people deathly afraid of you, that not everyone is falling for your story, and not everyone is afraid of you.


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