This is when you get an attorney and file a lawsuit against Uber seeking damages.
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I’ve worked in a lot of organizations going back to the 80’s and I’ve encountered various types of churls and asses, some unwanted advances, and I must say, a number of women who would make the worst witch in Oz look good, but never have I heard of or experienced an environment as pervasively anti-female and juvenile as you picture Uber to be. There are how many employees at Uber? How could you possibly know, for example, that a majority of men working there call other men “fags” when they don’t go to a specific drug party? Did you take a poll? You don’t have godlike powers so you can’t be in a hundred different places at once eavesdropping hour after hour, day after day. The truth is, you might have heard something like this one time and for your purposes here you have grossly exaggerated it. Let’s use a bit of logic and common sense. Also, by making these types of statements you’re intentionally lumping all men into one category, the type that use the word “fag” whenever it suits them. All men at your workplace are Wayne’s World rednecks in your opinion. This is your projection. Again, I’ve seen enough and know enough to know that not ALL men act this juvenile, and enough to know that other men would pound the one that called them a fag in the first place. This is secondary school nonsense.

Though it would be easy to sympathize with your plight as you state it here, the red flags waving in my face also push me into wondering about your real agenda. As an attorney and an employee, I’ve had plenty of experience with ax grinding of all kinds, with employees and ex-employees who will say anything to smear and ridicule an organization they are at odds with. Given you are remaining anonymous and those you are smearing don’t have an opportunity to give their side, I’m afraid I can’t show the unbridled enthusiasm shown by others on this board.

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