“Amy” — your courage is inspiring.
freada kapor klein

Oy vey, Ms. Klein! Trouble trouble in Uber City. Wow, with all the “blood boiling” everywhere in this thread I have to step carefully and not get burned. But I congratulate you on chat thread melodrama. I wouldn’t get to chummy with Ellen Pao though. That could be your undoing. When you mix with narcissists capable of smear campaigns for personal gain, you risk your future and your good name. Four counts. Four solid counts. Ellen Pao lost and she had every right to lose. You reap what you sow, and Ellen sowed so much turmoil and hostility and falsehood into her life and the lives of others. But she took on THE MAN. She’s still good for hacking on men and blaming them for such a shitty world that brought her low. Perhaps you will learn something from each other. The two of you make me nauseous.

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