The Subconscious Advantage of Whiteness in Hiring
Leniece F. Brissett

I am bookmarking this for future reference because it’s excellent. Question: After a company has hired an employee who isn’t necessarily a “cultural fit,” what can that company do to support the employee? I’m a white woman in a field with lots of white women, so I’ve rarely experienced this, but when I have, it has been difficult for me and my employer to adjust — and that hasn’t always been successful.

I am now wary of taking jobs at companies with few or no women in leadership positions — but if all women felt that way, we’d never get any women (or otherwise diverse candidates) in those leadership roles.

Anyone who went to high school knows that being in the “out-group” can make for a miserable experience regardless of your talent or determination. Well-meaning adults tell teens that things will get better when they’re out in the “real world,” but that’s not always the case. What can companies do to ensure new employees who might not be a “cultural fit” aren’t being set up to fail?