Day 24: Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc
Cathy Huyghe

I think I’ve had every wine on that list. I enjoy Oyster Bay and other New Zealand sauvignon blancs (sauvignons blanc?) when it’s hot and I’m in the mood for something predictable, uncomplicated and refreshing. I was fixated on Marlborough sauv blanc for about a year but eventually got tired of drinking the same thing and branched out again — there’s so much variety available at that $10-$15 price point (my faves include Kenwood and Rodney Strong from California; Veramonte from Chile; and pretty much any Sancerre from France) that there’s no reason not to explore, because it’s really hard to screw up that grape!

I suspect the Veuve Clicquot buyers are different from the buyers of all the other wines on that list, though. It’s significantly more expensive ($35-$40 vs $7-$15) and probably gets ordered for special occasions rather than everyday consumption. Did Minibar say anything about that?

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