Top 10 Colleges for Hospitality and Hotel Management Certificate

When it comes to college studies, you should be careful what you decide to study. If you want a career that could make you enough money, and meet lots of different people, choose hospitality and hotel management certification courses. However, ensure that you join a college that ranks highly in the US. This is how you can ensure that you secure a job with one of the top hotels after completing your studies. Some of the top schools in the hospitality and hotel industry offer their students nice internship and career placements. So, if you are ready to join school, here are our top 10 college selections.

1) Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, AZ — W.A Franke College of Business School of Hotel & Restaurant Management

After studying a certificate course in this school, more than seventy percent of students will get at least an entry-level job placement in management. About 1,200 hours of consistent course work is necessary before completion. This engaging program entails plenty of seminars (SHRM Pathways). The program is offered at the college of business School of Hotel and Restaurant Management, Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, AZ. A lot of practical business management lessons are taught to students.

2) Cornel University, Ithaca, NY — School of Hotel Administration

This is one of the schools that provide every aspect of the hospitality degree. Also the only one offering the Ivy League program, Cornel University’s School of Hotel Administrations has a range of degree programs. You have to start with a Bachelor’s degree and work your way up to the PhD level, if you prefer. The course is taught full time in order to complete the broad aspects of the Hotel and Business Management program. Students gain their first experience at the Statler Hotel, which is in the school property. Then, the school has links with more than two hundred companies where it can send you to work or get attached to gain experience.

3) University of Alaska Anchorage, AK — Culinary Arts, Hospitality, Dietetics and Nutrition Division.

You can do a Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality and Restaurant Management at the University of Alaska Anchorage. By the way, there is no other degree program in Alaska. Hence, once you complete school, you are assured of securing a managerial job position in the region’s best hospitality facilities. Another great thing is that you can study online and offline. If you want to focus on nutrition studies, the program is flexible. There is a 600-hour paid internship where students can pick any local hotel.

4) Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI — The school of Hospitality and Business

This is one of the oldest universities (launched in1927). The School of Hospitality and Business has been just revolutionary. Since the class has about eight hundred students, each is able to receive personal attention from the tutors. There are also tailor-made career opportunities after the course completion. You can even choose to take their study-abroad program. It will allow you to visit other countries and get a feel of other nation’s hotel and hospitality industry.

5) University of Houston, Houston, Texas — Conrad N. Hilton College

The school was launched in 1969 and so it is trustworthy. The Hilton College boasts world-class facilities and hospitality archives. There are up to 86 lecture rooms, seven meeting rooms, three ballrooms and a banqueting hall. The school hosts a gourmet night event to serve as a benchmark for all students in the hospitality school. This college has produced notable leaders in the past and over eight percent of its alumni gets employed even before they complete their studies.

6) University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL — College of Human Environmental Sciences

This college offers baccalaureate, Master’s and PhD level programs. Additionally, students have an opportunity to do distant learning if they do not have time to attend classes. The Hospitality Management degree program provided at the College of Human Environmental Sciences focuses on food and nutrition. Lecturers are successful people and the university provides enough networking opportunities.

7) University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL — Rosen College of Hospitality Management

This experience is famous for one thing: providing adequate practical experience. The campus itself stands on a 159,000 square-foot ground. It looks just like a luxurious Mediterranean resort. There is another beautiful thing about the University of Central Florida. It boasts links with the famous Walt Disney World. Another of its top facilities is two kitchens used for instructions only, a wine and beer lab, and a dinning room and bar that could house 200 people at once.

8) Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK — School of Hotel and Restaurant Administration

This school is one of the best. It has two kitchens used for teaching purposes. You will spend 800 hours in these kitchens. Another invaluable thing about the School of Hotel and Restaurant Administration is that it hosts four different events all through the year. Globally recognized chefs are invited to teach students for three days. There is an opportunity to study at the university’s European campus based in Switzerland. Above all, you will be attached to Atherton Hotel on the campus grounds.

9) Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA — School of Hospitality Management

This university has run consistently for seventy-five years. The School of Hospitality and Management has specifically been teaching and inspiring lots of students. It boasts the Laura Cafe or Living Lab where students get handy experience. The fewest amounts of hours you are expected to gather enough experience from are 1000. During this time, you will be taught food preparation techniques and elegant dining methods. Hospitality students from Pennsylvania State University are sought after by plenty of hotels and resorts that offer dog friendly accommodation and other top-notch services.

10) Washington State University, Pullman, WA — School of Hospitality Business management

If you want to study in one of the most luxurious and renowned universities, join Washington State University. You will be in the School of Hospitality Business Management for the period of time your course will run. Students who specialize in hospitality have to complete up to 1000 hours in the field. Others who are not majoring yet have to do 400 hours in the field. All students complete their practical hours at the Marriott Foundation Hospitality Teaching Center. The school has study programs in Thailand, Italy, Switzerland and South Korea. This is not all. Students will also showcase their skills at two different exhibitions: Hospitality Career Previews and Burtenshaw Hospitality Career Night. These take place every year.