“It’s a cruel world.”

Yes, these quotations were relevant.

It mimicked the lines around

the sides of his mouth.

For those that frowned often

and seldom smiled.

I suppose one could say,

those air quotations were his forte

to demolish any semblance

that the world could change

for the better.

It was in these times

where my coffee though scalding

and his long draws from his cigarette


provided infinite relief.

Each of us silently hoping

the burning of black bitterness

and smoke spirals

would carry away the

brutality, savagery, harshness,

and depravity

of this earth so hell bent

on fucking us all.

“We’re monstrosities,” he breathed

Quotations highly warrented

like the nodding of my head

and the bite of acidity.

“And for that we deserve what we get.”

I finished —

The last sip and exhale

of two souls consumed.

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