Terrorism is an idea, not a country, and banning it won’t work

A refugee and immigration ban is bad for business (companies like Google and Facebook have many employees working and traveling overseas who are affected by it). Business is multinational now. Your iPhone is made in countries around the world.

It’s bad for America’s future in science and innovation. How many young people from majority Muslim countries, or from countries who value equality, will want to come here to study law, science, medicine, engineering and technology, even if they are allowed? I went to graduate school with some of these students. I hope they’ve graduated now, because they won’t be able to finish their studies.

The Islamic State sure won’t forget it — in fact, they’re using Trump speeches in recruitment videos, and have been for a while now. Groups will come after them, and they won’t forget either.

It’s not effective for protection — the folks involved in the last few major terrorist attacks (San Bernardino, Miami, Paris, 9/11) were not from any of these countries.

Terrorism is a global threat, and combating a global threat takes a global army. It takes cooperation, shared intelligence, and allies.

Terrorism is not a country. It is an idea. You cannot repress or ban an idea — the more an idea is banned or repressed, the bigger it grows. Repression creates hate and division toward America, leaves out the best and brightest and ultimately will not work. Hate cannot drive out hate.

Photo credit: International Rescue Committee