Cause the cupcakes just looked beautiful and drool worthy.

If being lonely was a sickness we’d all be diagnosed of it by now.

If not now sometime in our life, I have spent a couple of days trying to understand how this feeling constantly resonates in me as a growing millenial. Sometimes its easier to feel like there’s a safety net somewhere set out for you, in case all goes bad its there as a default system in place. When we realize that its not there or rather no one is standing there ready to catch you when you fall that’s when the feeling settles in and most of you think …why? There is so much expectation to do something or reach to a particular level of accomplishment that we fail to realize its only us we have to make happy and not everyone else standing in the shadows.I’m trying to complete myself by understanding what my true passion is and why I do whatever I do. Cause at the end you don’t have to be ordinary or normal because you’re out here to make your best mistakes. We don’t have to be sorry about that.

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