20 Things I’ve Learned

Today, is my 20th birthday. It feels weird being out of my teenage years. But I wanted to spend today doing a couple things that I love which is serving the Lord and blogging!! So here are some things that I’ve learned over the years. I wanted to share this list. Later on this semester I will go into detail with each of these 20 things. Thanks for reading!

  1. If you can’t do anything else in this life… LOVE people.
  2. Encourage others.
  3. It is okay to be different than others.
  4. Be Humble.
  5. You learn something new everyday, so don’t act like you know everything.
  6. GOD is constantly at work in your life. Trust Him. He knows best.
  7. Laugh. Even when others might think you are weird.
  8. Realize that everyone is important in life. They helped make you who you are today.
  9. Saying NO can be a good thing.
  10. No matter how bad life is going, you are NEVER alone.
  11. It is okay to cry, and to not be okay.
  12. Don’t give up.
  13. Respect goes a long way.
  14. Always remember that your parents are always right.
  15. Always remember to make time for your friends. They are some of the most valuable people in your life.
  16. Material things aren’t important in this life.
  17. The amount of money you have, or the education you have do not define who you are.
  18. Going off of #17, your past doesn’t define who you are. And it NEVER will!!
  19. Family is everything. Love and cherish them. They won’t be here forever.
  20. Forgive others.