Black Plague

Could a week get any worse than this one? This week has been the worst one in a long time. It’s started out really good on Sunday I was able to hang out with a friend and just have fun! Well the rest of the week turned downhill from then. Yes, there was some positive things that did happen this week, but mainly negatives! From test to friendship problems to people being mean and rude! This week I have had over 7 tests, STRESSFUL!!!!!!!!! One of the tests depended on whether I would have a D or C in that class! Let’s just say if I came home with a D I would be in SO much trouble! But thankfully, I passed the test with a 75 which brought my overall grade up by 3 points to a 74! YES! I am so very happy with my 74 because I am not good in math and never will be! One of my friendships has gone South, and I don’t think that it will get any better no matter how hard I try. I often question if people who say they are friends really are! That has been a hard thing for me to think about.

School overall really just stresses me out; the test, the people who judge you, the people who say they are your friends but really aren't, and childish people. Even through all these storms I know someone is there for me. Can anyone guess? Christ! Christ is always there for me no matter what! No matter if I am having a TERRIBLE week or no matter what I’m going through, HE WILL ALWAYS BE THERE FOR ME!!! But guess what? I have to put some more effort into my relationship with God. What have you done this week to glorify Christ? What have you done to build on your relationship with Christ? What have you done to spend more time with Christ? Well, when I answer those questions it may not be the answer God wants to hear. To be honest……… I haven’t picked up my Bible or Bibles this whole week! And yes, I do have more than one Bible, I have at least 5 Bibles if not more! So you would think I would open it up and read it, but this week has been SOOOOOOOO busy and STRESSFUL!

This week I haven’t opened my Bible once! I made a pledge to spend 30 days in the Bible and I encouraged younger girls to do it and I haven't even done it myself! So who I am to ask them to devote 30 days also? When I don’t even do it myself! I really do think this week would have been better if I would have spent some time in God’s word this week because I would have had a better mind set! I think often times that we or I say that we are to busy for God and to read the Bible, which is not true! Yes, it does seems like we have a TON to do in 24 hours, but hey God created you to be in this world so can’t you give him like 30 minutes out of your day reading and talking to him?! Is that so hard? Most of us say YES! But if you think about when your watching that show that you shouldn't be you could be reading the Bible and listening to what God is telling you. When you sitting waiting to go somewhere just pick up your Bible and listen to what Christ has to say!

CHALLENGE: Read your Bible at least 4 out of the 7 days in the week! Start a journal or think about reading, studying, and listening to God impacted your week.