Personal worship with Christ

A couple weekends ago I was challenged to read Psalm 119 everyday. Then tweet the verse that sticks out to me the most and tag Keahbone in your tweet. I never really thought that I would get anything out of this, but soon realized that it doesn’t take reading chapters, but reading verses. Keahbone, our speaker challenged us to read 8 verses of Psalm 119 everyday.

In the morning worship time on Saturday, Keahbone had the students read Psalm 119 until God spoke to them. When God spoke to them, they were to stand up and read the verse in front of the other students. I never really thought that reading so little would be so powerful. I challenge you to read Psalm 119.

I have never been very faithful in reading the Bible. I have tried to start a devotion, but I always get distracted. I have tried doing devotional books, “Jesus Calling” and “Jesus Living”. But I never can seem to stick to them.

But when Mike got up on stage and asked how many people actually read their Bible, it was a scary answer. I believe only 2 students actually raised their hand. Something has got to change, because in order to keep a good relationship with someone you have to talk to them and learn more about them daily! If you are having a hard time reading the bible. I would love nothing more than reading a book of the bible with you and talking to you about it! Or if you need someone to just text you and remind you to read your bible, I can!

For about the first 5 years of my relationship with Christ I never read the bible, only when I was in Sunday School. But I prayed about it recently and asked God to show me more time to read my bible and study his word! And guess what? I have found that throughout my day I have a total of 3 hour that I could be reading the Bible! The past 4 days of school I have been reading my bible any time I can!

I challenge you to start to reading the bible with someone, or just on a daily basis!

Or do the Psalm 119 Challenge! Text me, and I will do it with you!

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