Doogie Howsers Needed to Relieve Physician Shortage
Haydee Cooper

The problem with Physician shortages is not due to a lack of candidates for medical school. The real bottleneck for training is in the availability of residency and fellowship slots. There are medical students every year that make it through medical school but are unable to “Match” into the further training they need to be full-fledged practitioners. US students are competing for these slots with international students that are interested in practicing in the US. Without having completed some kind of Residency program a Medical school degree is useless for seeing patients. Residency programs are funded by academic medical centers that have seen major cuts from state legislatures. Medicare also helps fund residencies but that funding has limits and caps. As much as fellows and residents are seen as cheap labor your still have to have the infrastructure of attending doctors and clinics. Residency programs have overhead similar to medical school but no student tuition to help. The article below does a good job discussing some of these challenges.