Other projects at PMP

Some of the projects I have been able to work was on redesigns. 

1. Booking flow:

One of the main reasons to improve the booking flow was that users were having problems entering the voucher number of 12 digits, they were missing numbers or making mistakes. The second reason was that we had to make clear what experience partner have to offer and that the voucher number is valid. The last reason was that because of the survey done in December 2017 we learn that for partners was a pain point to introduce all the data about the client if that was not really necessary and if we were not able to send confirmation emails.

Invision Prototype:


  • The impact is that users were making more much less error by entering the voucher number. 
  • A faster booking flow 
  • Clear information about what experience to offer to the customers translating into a reduction of phone calls related to the subject
  • Information about when a partner is going to be paid.
  • A decrease of calls to customer service team related to the booking flow.

2. Bookings 


  • Multiple places to make and manage bookings on the PMP.
  • There are unnecessarily high contact volumes from partners to Smartbox about Bookings and Vouchers.
  • Partners unaware who is coming, when and what experience to provide.


  • Make bookings and view existing bookings in a single place.
  • Immediately available list view of future active bookings in chronological order including date filters to narrow the list.
  • No need to search manually for upcoming bookings by voucher number.
  • Increased partner self-service.


Working in an iterative way allowing previously hidden functionality to be available for partners and working towards final solution.


Measuring impact

  • A decline in partner calls about Booking and Voucher information.
  • Analysis of Mouseflow videos to see how partners are using “Upcoming bookings” and identify any improvement opportunity for the final design.
  • Partners searching by introducing just 1 date, no date range. 
  • The objective is a 10% call reduction in the 6 months following the release of Upcoming Bookings.
  • With the average cost of a standard Partner contact being €6 we forecast a cost saving of €10.8k for this period (€21.4k for the year).

3. Profile section

Initial sketches




Upcoming projects work

iResa deprecation calendar and the ability for partners to make a stay booking

Availability calendar

Initial sketches for availability calendar and stay booking.


Availability calendar

Stay booking

Partner Marketplace

Interesting project which is looking into a vision for our partners around the concept of managing, creating their experiences and standardising name of components. 

These are all my books related to product, UX, design, phycology (Ignore the background :D )