Research with Partners

As a part of an ongoing process, we are interviewing 2 partners per week. So far we have been able to interview by phone 25 Spanish partners.

We have been able to identify patterns on their answer and know more about partners pain points, needs, motivations and behaviours. 

How are we doing interviews with partners?

Partner interviews — Themes found




Flexible pricing



What’s next on partner interviews and design feedback?

Example of affinity diagram with observations, partner comments, findings we are collecting.

Remote Interviews/test process:

Step 1: Contact: Phone/Mail (user’s prefs)

Contact partners or our user base who might be interested in talking with us and give at least 30 minutes of their time.

Step 2: Arrange date and time

Call the partners to arrange a date and time for the interview

Step 3: Prepare interview

Prepare in advance for the interview by researching a bit about the particular partner.

Step 4: Email pre-interview

Before the interview, an email was sent to the partner with the link to the meeting on Goto meeting (for screen sharing) and the prototype links (for the prototypes of the new features).

Step 5: Interview

Interview is monitored (screen/heatmap,captions)

The interview is following a predefined script. Average duration is 30–45min.

At the end of each interview we ask them if they would like to be included in further research activities / follow-up questions.

Step 5: Analysis

Re-listen to the recordings and distill the feedback and insights and group them into themes in Realtimeboard.

Goal is to discover patterns in user needs, wants and pain points. This in turn increases our user understanding and allows us to validate hypothesis.

The feedback on the designs allows us to refine them so they better fit user needs.

Step 6: Email post interview

After the interview we send an email to the partner to thank them for their time and input.

In the email we attach an e-box as an extra thank you for their participation in our research

Step 7: Share results with the team



In December 2017 an exploratory survey was conducted on the website. The survey was conducted for several reasons:

  • To surface partners common issues with the new PMP.
  • To help prioritise changes, backlog or opportunities for improvements.
  • Validate/invalidate that the new design address the previous issues with partners.
  • To identify areas of improvements from a User Experience perspective.


The survey was conducted on the PMP website with Spanish, Italian and French partners, launched the 12th of December and finished 31 of December 2017. A Mouseflow widget was displayed in the bottom right corner of their interfaces.

The questions made:

  1. How satisfied or dissatisfied are you with the new Partner Portal? (Multiple Choice)

2.Have you had any problems on this visit? (Multiple Choice)

3.In your own words, what are the things you would most like to see improved in our Partner Portal? (Free text)

Summary of findings:

● Complains about the lack of instructions and the information in general

● Problems accessing to the platform because the password.

● Some of the partners were not able to find a voucher on the search functionality.

● Partners would like to have an upcoming bookings functionality.

● Partners wants to see the content of the experiences they have to provide.

Research findings

Recommendations / conclusion

Recommendations after the survey analysis

By doing this survey we were able to understand some of the problems partners were having and make improvements and changes accordingly. One of the most interesting parts of the survey was the written feedback which I was able to analyse in a more quantitative way to understand the most common words mentioned and this helped to create this graphics using Optimal Workshop.