I Am Soooo Sick of Seeing Breastfeeding Stories In My News-Feed!

This is what I want to do when I see images of babies eating. That’s who I am.

It is fucking constant. Every single day — in my news-feed. It just pops up. All the sites I follow and all the friends I share, another and another “breastfeeding” article appears. What the actual fuck.

I decided I had enough. So I started commenting regularly on each and every one I saw. I threw down my two cents so fast that publication was bound to hear my voice. Over and over and over again I would type those keys on my iphone or ipad or whatever internet ready device I had and just repeatedly voice my objection that they continued to show up.

Because that makes perfect sense.

See, I’m the kind of woman who stares at the vast selection of clothing I have in my closet and chooses to wear the outfit I detest. I bitch about the fabric all day. I tell my co workers it’s the only stitch of clothing I hate — that I decide to wear every day.

The same thing happens at my least favorite restaurant. I go in every single week and order the same shit from their menu I have to choke down in protest. Then I tell the waiter there will be no tip — again. Because I fucking hate that food I order. But they deliver it to my table anyway.

It’s fucking bullshit.

And I’m sooo sick of it.

Because newsflash: I do not care.

In fact, I care so little about it that I make sure to comment every single time I see it that I don’t care about it all. It has absolutely nothing to do with my life that I comment over and over again to get that shit out of my world.

And then it got even worse. Suddenly I had even more breastfeeding stories show up that I had to comment on!

It is absurd!

It is just as ridiculous as when I invited about twenty people over for burgers and every single one of them showed up! I was like, what the actual fuck? Who told you to come? Then I ordered a pizza for everyone and they still didn’t take the hint. Who do they think they are?

I’m just so sick of it. Sick and tired of stories about breastfeeding and sick and tired of seeing those stories show up in my custom news-feed and sick and tired of people writing about stories about breastfeeding and then commenting back to me about this one I wrote now.

It just pisses me off.

I finally told one chick she was stupid for not grasping my apathy and she just said “Algorithm, look it up.”


Stupid bitch.

Like I have no concept of what that is at all.


Elizabeth Grattan is a broadcast talent and writer who has covered current events, human interest and social justice for over twenty-five years. Her loves are the strong, gentle arms of her best friend, reasonably priced blended reds and her dream come true little man. Find & friend Elizabeth on FB or follow along on Twitter.