Elizabeth Grattan
Mar 13 · 2 min read

Searching for Words.

With every single social media frenzy. Every zeitgeist. Every breaking story. Every online controversy over the very very demanding and the wasted time on types of cheese. Or coffee. Or whiskey.

With every single burden of routine. Every alarm resetting to save sunlight or something. Or falling behind to catch up eventually. Every parent pick up. Every parent dropping off. And always before the shower just tossing on something that could work if it had to…because that is an actual thing we parents sometimes fucking do.

With every recipe we google. Every recipe we wish we remembered our grandmothers had taught us herself. Every time we burn the lasagna and can’t get fried anything to resemble…

Our goals.

With every single interview. Every attempt to land a gig. Every single proposal. Every single pitch. With every job we have taken to pay the rent. Every mortgage we bankrupted in.

With every reminder due, past due, delinquent. Every almost credit score bump. Every this time-next year.

Every fight of the children. Siblings searching and scanning their place in the order. Every bruised bone. Every break of their hearts. Every single time we wiped tears from their eyes, absorbing the salt.

With every single minute and second we learn. How the hour moves.

With every sweet sleep, every pee soaked sheet. Every night we get to be lovers again or bore snores as we sleep.

With our second shifts to feed them grains. Our third shifts to be sure they have a bed. Our cut throat differences that have to withstand a compromise in order to stay sane.

When we stay. When we leave. When we had to pace the stay or we had everything we thought we would need.

Our riches and poverty. Our wealth which just might be relative and yet everything.

There are moments upon moments upon moments of mountains of stories.


Time and things.

Human beings.

This extraordinary average routine spectacular something…

Was a half plus hour of a seven year old and his mommy… delighting in finding both “shallow” and “growth” in the word search we don’t even know that we need.

Elizabeth Grattan is a broadcast talent and writer who has covered current events, human interest and social justice for over twenty-five years. Her loves are laughter through tears, old ball caps, reasonably priced blended reds and her dream come true little man.

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Elizabeth Grattan

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