Why Do Fads Fade? The Inevitable Death Of Flappy Bird
Nir Eyal

Great article. I was still in Vietnam when Dong released the game and there are several more reasons he had to take it down. One you did not mention is the pressure from the government. In a third world country’s economy, earning $50000 a day will frankly do you more harm than good. The government was taxing a lot if not most of his income while pressuring him for other reasons + the reasons you mentioned. I doubt it was ever because the game had become addictive since it’s the goal of every mobile game ever released — to get people hooked on it, pay for it. I never paid for the mobile game until I got into the world of Gardenscape and Homescape — very addictive games (to me) with simple concept but very well executed. And yes, the pressure from bigger companies especially when he was using graphic elements we have seen in Super Mario. But from what I witnessed back there, the government’s pressure was the last straw.

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