Photo — sadly, my own

I’m not going to write about pain today. 
I’m going to go outside and get busy.

Fixing all the things that have waited
oh-so-patiently until the Summer finale 
for me to pay them any mind. 
I’m paying mind. I’m coming for them.

The gutters that overfloweth, leaves winking
at me from the space I can’t reach with the small ladder.
I’m not going to stand on the step that warns me 
not to step on it. Not this time. I’ll get the larger one.

The closets that overfloweth, clothes snarling
at me from their jumbled hangers, telling me I’m not
going to wear that dress next year either. Gone with 
that floral print that I wonder if it makes me look
clownish. To the giveaway pile with you.

Same with vases I don’t put flowers in, the pressure cooker
I’ve housed for two years and used once, to that thing
from the 70’s my MIL gave me to slice potatoes, the 
extra set of dishes that live on the shelf for ‘just in case’.
Buh-bye, and I won’t be missing you.

The art that I hate that was supposed to be sold, 
but hey! No one bought it, probably because it’s 
ugly as sh — , but I digress. It will look lovely, 
hanging in someone else’s house.

The toys that don’t get played with, thrown into 
the big, black contractor bag while big kids are at school
and can’t protest that it’s their favorite thing ever
Mom, and how can you be so mean?

I’m mean. Cruel. Positively the worst. 
On the war path, because when life’s a mess, the only thing 
I can control is the physical mess, and by erasing what’s
Unneeded, I can only hope that it clears up

A tiny bit of my Karma too.

Anyone have an extra-tall ladder I can borrow? :)

If you need some motivational, decluttering music:

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