Who Cares What I Think (WCWIT) #14 : Trending on Product Hunt…

Here are some highlights from today’s front page, in my very accurately-humble opinion. *Some top-trending Product Hunt selections were edited from this list for either seeming like they gamed their way to the top (obvious fake positive reviews), or for being overwhelmingly underwhelming. **numbers in this article connote no meaning, beyond helping you reference which opinion specifically annoyed you in the comments.

1. Vidcode

Teach teens to code. Building your own Snapchat filters with code, and get a chance to be featured by Snapchat.

1. Looklive 2.0

Discover what your favorite celebrities and influencers are wearing. For example, Mark Zuckerberg wears grey Nike Flyknit Lunar 3’s as part of his daily uniform.

1. Grobo Indoor Gardening System

The future of food will be grown at your home. Grobo is the latest smart indoor gardening systems, along with the Grove Ecosystem, Click and Grow, and this indoor system by IKEA.

1. Blockai for Twitter

Claim the copyright for your photos by tweeting. Sign up, tweet an image using #blockai, and receive a link to your copyright claim in an instant.

1. Stranger Things Type Generator

Create and share your own Stranger Things inspired logo with this product. Clever promotion by Netflix, this was all over Twitter yesterday.

1. Lisn

Listening to songs together is a great way to discover new music. Lisn will remind you of TurntableFM and is almost like sharing virtual earphones with friends in real-time.

1. Operator 2.0

A new way to shop, using AI. You can ask questions like: “brown mens shoes size 10 or 11 that are light but good for hiking” or “earbuds with the best bass under $100” to discover what to buy.

1. ⚖ Simbi

Exchange your skills for real-world experiences and value. For example, you give someone yoga lessons in exchange for a logo design.

1. Casper Dog Mattress

Give your dog the perfect sleep environment with the Casper Dog Mattress (engineered by the same team behind the popular Casper mattress).

1. Joy

Joy helps couples plan everything around their wedding. You’ll get a sleek modern wedding website, iPhone/Android app, and a dashboard to manage it all in one spot.

1. Codeplace

Get ready for your next web development job and learn how to code by building real web apps. Codeplace has a unique format that will help you understand the process.

1. Soylent Bar

“Wait, I have to CHEW my food now?” — the top comment. Food Bar is the latest product from Soylent following last week’s coffee + breakfast replacement Coffiest launch.

1. Castro 2

Two years in the making, the popular Castro podcasting app just got a complete makeover. Castro 2 is the ideal app for today’s broad-minded podcast enthusiast.


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