Who Cares What I Think (WCWIT) #4 : Trending on Product Hunt…

Here are some highlights from today’s front page, in my very accurately-humble opinion.

*Some top-trending Product Hunt selections were edited from this list for either seeming like they gamed their way to the top (obvious fake positive reviews), or for being overwhelmingly underwhelming.

**numbers in this article connote no meaning, beyond helping you reference which opinion specifically annoyed you in the comments.

1. The Burrow Sofa

The spill-proof, pet-friendly, and Netflix binge ready sofa. This sofa can handle it all at a fraction of the price. read more

2. Lurchr

“Pocket for Slack.” Lurchr saves all the links your team shares in Slack so you can focus on work and view them at a later time. read more

3. Waaffle

A social content power app. Waaffle lets you create custom feeds, measure engagement, monitor the competition, and publish content to different websites at the same time. read more

4. Based — Free UI Kit for Sketch

A versatile and comprehensive Feed UI Kit for Sketch. Jumpstart your design with notifications and social feeds all in one place. read more

5. Unmute 2.0

A new app that lets you call ‘everyone’ at once and choose which friends to “unmute” to enter the hotline. The founder describes it as “taking the intimacy of live video chat, while removing the anxiety of being on camera.” read more

6. AppInstitute

A DIY app builder. Create iOS and Android apps quickly without knowing how to code. read more

7. Swizzle

Tinder for cocktails

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