Who Cares What I Think (WCWIT) #43 : Trending on Product Hunt…

Here are some highlights from today’s front page, in my very accurately-humble opinion. *Some top-trending Product Hunt selections were edited from this list for either seeming like they gamed their way to the top (obvious fake positive reviews), or for being overwhelmingly underwhelming.


Pinterest for coders

LinkedIn Learning

Resource to learn creative, technology & business skills

Ask Elon Musk Bot

Chat one-on-one with Elon Musk

TunnelBear for Mac & Windows

Keep your browsing secure with the handsome new TunnelBear

Elsewhere 3D

Glasses that turn any video into immersive 3D 😎

ZEIº Maker Kit

Create your own time tracking device


Pay off debt with spare change

Alrighty, them’s the highlights today.

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