Who Cares What I Think (WCWIT) #55 : Trending on Product Hunt…

Here are some highlights from today’s front page, in my very accurately-humble opinion. *Some top-trending Product Hunt selections were edited from this list for either seeming like they gamed their way to the top (obvious fake positive reviews), or for being overwhelmingly underwhelming.

Teeny Recipes

Search and filter Facebook recipe videos in one place -


Create professional looking business videos from your iPhone--


What wacky things would you do if the price was just right?----


Public roadmaps & data-driven feedback----


Record your screen, share & know instantly when people watch----

Design for Business

User-friendly way to profits

Rich Kids

Photo sharing app where users pay $1000/mo to share----

Findster Duo

The first GPS Pet tracker that’s free of monthly fees!


Hackable file manager and organizer, supporting easy tagging

Alrighty, them’s the highlights today.

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