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Some might be tempted to consider segregationist actions and events as part of the distant past, without any effect on society today. However, nothing could be further from the truth.

We know deep down that most predominantly white areas have better infrastructure, education, food, and comforts of life than do most predominantly non-white areas in our country. Why are we so segregated by geography and why, overall, do white people have more? Why is there such a pronounced racial wealth gap?

This article is for us white folks who are ready to do the work to understand the causes of…

By Liz Miller with other Northern Neighbors board members

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I became involved in pro-housing activism in response to what’s going on in my neighborhood in San Francisco. People are living and dying on the streets. People with families or artistic careers make the difficult decision to leave the city they love. Many teachers and police officers cannot afford to live here, causing us to lose their talent and capability. People commute for hours each day to and from their job in the city, greatly decreasing their quality of life and adding to climate breakdown.

I learned that that in almost…

Elizabeth Jean Miller

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