Pros and Cons to Co-Living

Co-living is becoming a strong, up and coming way of life. It is cheaper and an easier way of life, it helps people meet friends and have a community environment. But people fail to realize some of the cons when applying for this housing.


  1. Sharing Isn’t Always Caring

People may experience theft or roommates doing rude and inconsiderate things to their stuff when it is left in the common area. It could be as simple as borrowing a dish and not washing. No one wants to go and find that their belongings have been mistreated. Incidents like these could make it easy for some people to get upset quickly and easily.

2. Random Does Not Always Work

Random roommates could be a fun idea, but a number of times it does not work out because personalities do not match up and then you are stuck with someone whom you do not get along with.

For example, Stitch Fix seems like a good and more personalized option but random stylists and outfit choices may leave you feeling stressed and unpleased with the results. The outfits may look good on the screen, but when it comes to wearing them or just functionality it may not always match its intended purpose.


  1. Sometimes it Does Work

Stitch Fix and Co-Living lifestyles do work and even for the better! It totally possible that the “random” roommate you end up with could be one of your new life long best friends. Or maybe the person doesn’t end up one of your best friends, but that person could easily be someone that is easy to live with and cuts your costs. As far as Stitch Fix goes, it is easily possible that you find one or two go to outfits that you really enjoy. Maybe Stitch Fix creates that ease for you where you get the outfits you need with minimal thinking and minimal stress.

2. New Options

Many people, millennials specifically are enjoying new and different lifestyles. They are very eager to have new things and are quick to try whatever new thing that is out there. They truly enjoy new options and that is why many of people are gravitating to these option. Another key point to mention is that these products fill a void. It is not just like one or two people are interested in these options, but rather a number of people are. It gives them something that they don’t have and that is why it works.

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