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People are WE getting “DUMBER” do they teach anything in school anymore? We were taught in Earth Sciences class that the Earth is a “Loving Planet”. It goes through cycles as any Living thing. Be they in this case; Cooling, Warming, Pole changes, Earthquakes, plate tectonics (movement), and all the other things.

Seems like most have forgotten all of this. Climate Change has been with us since “Day One”. The climate is always changing. Therefore we in a change of climate cycle. The Earth is heating up.

In this cycle of Global Warming, the question is how much is or has “Man” added to the warming. The obvious answer is yes due to Industrialization, Polluting, and Profits. Now we come to the second question. How much has or is adding to or speeding the process up.?

Putting profits, jobs, and keeping dying industries alive before or ahead of clean air, water, and lives is wrong on so many levels.

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