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Since the organization is open to all and only wanted to sell as “Free Speech” has no religious grounds to object.

I am a CONSERVATIVE and fully support the U S Constitution and staunch advocate of Freedom of Speech and Religion.

Under the Constitution I am guaranteed my “Freedom of Religion or Religious Freedom”. As such I can Live and Believe as I have chosen.

These “Ultra or Right wing Conservatives to me are “SCARY”. They want to claim “Religious Liberty” to IMPOSE and FORCE their Religious beliefs on those they do not like, hate, or believe and live as they do.

They want to be able to deny services, discriminate, hate, bully, end women’s rights, deny others their rights to believe and live as they have chosen. All in the name of their Religious Liberty.

They want to be able to ignore and be above any and all Anti-discrimination laws and any other laws they deem against their beliefs.