How I packed for over three months of travel

Packing one suitcase with all the clothing needed for over three months is remarkably intimidating. Especially knowing that there will have to be outfits for the heat of Colombia and the snow of the Swiss alps.

In a matter of days, I am leaving on this summer’s big adventure. I packed up everything and took a gaggle of pictures to show how I did it.

First are my toiletries. I pack them in a Mary Kay bag that has individual compartments that velcro off. The bag also has a hook to hang with. I’ve had it for many a voyage, and it has never failed me.

Things I don’t mind getting wet (i.e. shower stuff) I do no poo, so there isn’t much here.
Makeup. The compact in the middle has lipstick and 10 eyeshadows inside.
Hair and nail kits, jewelry, q-tips, deodorant, diva cup, and booda butter.
The whole organizer, opened.
The whole, closed up in a cube shape.

The next section is of my packing cubes. I have four cubes (1 full, 2 half, and 1 quarter) from Eagle Creek. I just purchased them for this trip and they are already proving to be worth every penny.

The four cubes, with the birks for scale. The contents of the quarter cube has my choir dress and a slip, which i didn’t feel the need to photograph.
One half cube. From left to right: Grey Everlane scoop neck tee, olive racerback tank, turquoise tank, white Everlane box cut tee, creme cardigan, polka dot button-down, Les Mis tee, blue crop top, Colombia tee.
The other half cube. Blue spandex shorts; white, black, brown, and blue undershirts, teal lounge pants, running shorts, pink swimsuit. Not pictured: 4 pairs of socks, 7 pairs of undies.
The full cube. Grey travel towel, white shorts, black shorts, wrap skirt, blazer, floral scarf, leggings, black Levi’s, blue Levi’s.

The next section is of the things that are “loose” in my bag. The shoes have their own compartment. Not pictured are two traditional bras, one sports bra, a belt, one binder (for choir business), a host gift, and a small Bible.

My birkenstocks, Merrell cross-trainers, black pointed-toe flats, and lime green TOMS.
My empty purse; a thrity-one bag with adapters, a clothesline, and other odds and ends; and a laundry bag.

My suitcase’s bottom is a hardshell, and the top is soft. It has two side pockets. Because I packed very effieciently and didn’t bring anything I don’t need, I only filled the hard-shell portion and side pockets. I will report back how the bag travels half-full. If I had a reliable carry-on sized bag, I would be taking it, but I don’t, so I won’t.

The bottom, hard-shelled section.
The whole suitcase.

My backpack can fit inside the suitcase, which will be very nice when carrying all my things through airports and to hostels. Also good to note about my backpack is that it is completely waterproof. It has a envelope front that fits my computer, so I keep all things that I can’t get wet in there. In the larger compartment I keep everything else, oftentimes my water bottle included.

Clockwise from top: iPad, sunglasses in case, green pouch with writing implements and cables, wallet, rain jacket, HydroFlask water bottle, Mac charger, journal, crosswords. In the center there is a mini Maglite, a folder with travel documents, and my MacBook.
My filled Chrome backpack.

Aaaaaand, that’s all, folks!

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