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Perhaps, you’ve found yourself on a spectrum similar to mine — cycling from a state of strength to depression. Some days I’m so thankful for the slow down in time, for time at home. Other days, I deeply miss the connection with those who used to be around.

It hits us when we least expect it. I want to be one of those people who sees the positive in all situations, but this season in our lives as brought layer after layer of sadness and disappointment.

Maybe you’ve picked up a new hobby or found new binge-worth Netflix shows. Maybe…

It’s time to start standing up for us when we need you

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I’ve concluded that uncomfortable situations are unavoidable, mainly because there’s always one man who can’t help himself. Even more so, there are still customers or suppliers who don’t necessarily fall under sexual harassment policies. There is always the one who has to make a comment, tries to touch me, or my favorite; follows me to my hotel room and knocks outside my door. Spoiler alert, I didn’t answer.

Pre-COVID-19, I traveled about three out of four weeks in our busy season. Connecting with customers, airline miles, and short bathroom lines were among the perks.

Usually, I traveled with at least…

And what you can do today to help

My mother-in-law visited recently, and I asked her if she wanted to go check-out illicit massage parlors with me. You know, the kind where happy endings are promised to patrons.

It was one in the afternoon, and I figured it was as good a time as any. She hesitantly agreed. Somewhere I’m thinking this will earn me a “Daughter-in-Law of the Year” award.

You might be like most of the people I’ve told this to who said, “Just be careful.”

I was curious though, and my curiosity didn’t kill the cat. I’m here to talk about it. I’ve had friends…

“I think ultimately my experience made me realize how hard it truly is to be a feminist. It’s a constant battle.” The first story from a collection.

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Sexual assault and harassment is a topic I feel passionate about. As a female who works in and grew up in male-dominated industries, I’ve felt this deeply.

In a previous article, I challenged readers to ask women about the first time they were sexually harassed.

After I wrote this article, I challenged myself to do the same. Perhaps it’s some deep need I have to not feel alone. Or perhaps, I desperately want engagement from men to make this better. More than likely, it’s a bit of both. …

Are we devaluing free speech in America?

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My husband and I fall into the generation of ‘cord cutters.’ We don’t have regular cable. It’s expensive and we enjoy the freedom of watching the shows we want, when we want. However, we haven’t escaped commercials completely. We still get them, because we’re too cheap to pay for the no-ads versions.

About the time I’ve memorized every candidate’s commercial is when I’m tempted to pay a few more dollars a month. They’re a stark reminder of the billions that will be spent this year in political ads. The billions spent by those privileged enough to do so.

History of…

Finances don’t have to be hard

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The dreaded topic of finances — one of the most common reasons for divorce. In our household, there was nothing that gave me all encompassing anxiety like finances.

If you can relate, you know this wasn’t the logical that was winning in this situation. It was the emotional ties I had to being financially unstable — in my household as a child, I was intimately aware of our finances. I desperately didn’t want to be in a paycheck-to-paycheck financial situation, even though, at times, I found myself using questionable spending habits.

When we decided to figure out our finances together…

As it relates to child sexual abuse

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The evolution of child safety devices is incredible. One of my favorites is an app that monitors a child’s phone activity. I’m sure you’ve heard, “We didn’t have that when we had kids.” From nanny cams to location devices, we have devices at our disposal to ensure the children we know and love are safe.

We warn our children from an early age: “Don’t talk to anyone you don’t know.” “Don’t leave with anyone who isn’t mom or dad.” “Stranger danger.” All of these are good practices in preparing a safety plan with your child. This is perpetuated in schools…

And no, not the article of clothing

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If you’ve never heard of SCARF, not to worry. I learned of this model recently, and I was pleasantly surprised to find something that so logically helped me grasp some sense of control amidst Covid-19. I think we can all agree we are in crisis mode in many areas of our life, but especially as we reel with how to feel engaged and motivated in the workplace.

David Rock in the NeuroLeadership Journal, defines SCARF as a model used to define how status, certainty, autonomy, relatedness and fairness activate a reward or a threat response in social situations. …

If this is you, consider this your invitation

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A statement I’ve heard and said many times:

“I’ve never considered myself a feminist.”

Angry women protesting on the street? Not for me.

I grew up in rural America. If you’re like me, maybe you can relate. I have a mom who can weld. She built fences while I sat in a car seat when I was two years old.

I wore boots and jeans and worked outside with the boys.

I considered myself someone who could work alongside the boys, but knew how to take a step back. …

How perspective influences the narrative

I was sitting in class one night, when the instructor asked us to turn off our cameras and watch a video.

I had signed myself up for 64 hours of training. Why? (That’s another story entirely.)

Here I was, sitting in a virtual class (thanks, Covid-19), keeping my dog from trying to sit on my keyboard and waiting for the link to pop-up in the chat box.

We had just discussed all types of sexual assault — family members, close acquaintances, celebrities, teachers. Our last discussion topic was,

“Name one celebrity that’s been accused or convicted of sexual assault.”


Elizabeth Lou

Product of male-dominated industries / Wife / Survivor Advocate /Challenger of accepted beliefs /Writer for: The Pink, ILLUMINATION, The Innovation

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