Teach Me How To Feel
Abby Norman

I’m a writer, but not a brilliant one. I take Prozac, max dose, every day, and I no longer get so depressed, but I do get severe anxiety flares and chronic pain from Fibromyalgia. This has been the case for 16 years. Most of the time, I cope with life. !6 years ago on Monday, my 21 year old son, who really WAS a brilliant writer, with a hugely promising future in front of him- his first novel, written aged 18, was already en route for publication by a company of no little repute- took his own life by jumping off a tower block roof. Obviously, he wanted to be sure nothing stopped him from dying. He refused anti depressants, and, indeed, any type of psycho-active drug, because he, like you, “wanted to feel” and continue to be inspired and creative. Do I wish things had been different? Hell, yes!!! Get a grip, girl! Do as the others with experience of these things say- find a good psych., seek out a cocktail of drugs that maximize your well being- but for goodness sake, don’t stop!!!

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