Late night thoughts

what to do when mind wants to sleep but body won’t let it

what to do when body is normally very warm but is so very cold tonight, even under layers of clothes and blankets

how to rest when mind wants rest but body is cold and cramps won’t let rest happen

who to seek when mind is everywhere and body is icky and you get cranky

am i just hangry

how to cope when all you want is someone to pat your head but you’re home alone

what to tell self when you’re moody af

“shut up, stop being cranky.”

how to fix when above doesn’t work

how to have grace on self

what to pray when body is not cooperating and mind wants silence but head and tummy ache

what to do when tummy aches but stomach gurgles with hunger


no eating at night

says the one who ate at night consistently for past week

“nice try”

how to react when roommate comes home when you don’t want human interaction

split second decision to pretend to be in slumber

and finish medium post when roommate is in bathroom

situation handled

Jesus grant me warmth in my body

strength in my bones

and sleep

Jesus grant your daughter sleep

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