Badump. Badump. Badump. Badump.

Heart. Beat. A sign that we are alive.

Put your hand over your heart

Feel the tension and release,

when they begin and when they cease.

With every beat of your heart,

flash back to the memories of

pain, betrayal, and hurt when you

physically ached from heartbreak.

Now keep your hand on your chest

and remember the times of

laughter, joy, and friendship at its best.

Your heart is always working, from before birth

til possibly past your death, its job is to

beat. Constantly. Beat. For you.

Thank you, dear heart.

Two lovers sit facing each other.

They look into each other’s eyes.

Three minutes pass by, unbothered.

Slowly, with each second,

their heartbeats begin to align.

Syncing in rhythm, beating together,

a phenomenon studied by researchers,

and inexplicable by logic.

How beautifully designed we are.

Thank you, Creator and Author.

Jesus, can I dare ask that I fall so in love with You

that our heartbeats align?

Align my heart with Yours.

I want to know You more.

As lovers’ hearts beat in rhythm,

Let me be so in love with You

that when I gaze into Your eyes,

Our heartbeats begin to synchronize.

Yes, Father, let my heart be so in tune with Yours

that when Your heart breaks,

mine breaks.

And yes, God, I know it’s a dangerous prayer.

But You have asked me to abide in You.

And in doing so, I want to seek Your will

above my own, so that when

Your plans come to fruition, I can

Thank you, my Provider and Lover.

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