Kate Spade

Kate Spade is a global fashion brand based in New York City offering everything from handbags to furniture to clothing. With a world renowned brand, there is a particular lifestyle that follows. Chic, classy, colorful, and confident are words that Kate Spade’s brand voice embodies in its product offerings as well as the brand presence online and on social media. I found the Kate Spade brand to be consistent across platforms but still true to the tone and offering of each individual platform.

I have followed the brand on social media for years but did not notice many of the techniques used until I analyzed the brand further. Kate Spade is present on Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, and YouTube. The brand shows off its colorful patterns, yummy foods, and classic New York scenes on all platforms. Kate Spade is an enjoyable brand to follow because it showcases the products in a non-promotional way but also gives consumers a glimpse into the fun office life or a Sunday brunch with Kate Spade to build customer loyalty and better understand the brand.

One of the most interesting things I saw while analyzing the Kate Spade brand is the consistency. The colors, fonts, tone, and imagery help even a new consumer know that it is the Kate Spade brand even from the first glimpse. The classic, simple spade logo is also placed on quote posts or on the products that can be seen on a table surrounded by crepes and coffee.

Another interesting thing I noticed, on Twitter particularly, was the use of the platform for customer service. When customers tweet their problems, complaints, or compliments to the brand, they do a very good job of responding and making sure it is consistent with the brand voice. Kate Spade also asks permission from bloggers and customers before sharing their posts on social media, which I found to be very interesting.

Finally, I really enjoyed the Kate Spade Missadventure campaign that is present on all platforms but originates on YouTube. This is a video series featuring Anna Kendrick as a confident New York City woman placed in comical and unfortunate situations that she handles with flare. This series shows the consumer how to live the Kate Spade brand while also offering entertainment.

One recommendation I have for the brand is to better utilize Snapchat. I have followed the brand on Snapchat for about two years and have seen a decline in the postings. Maybe the brand strategy has changed but there is a trend towards short, 10 second videos or quick pictures. Another recommendation I have for the brand is to continue the Missadventure series with more videos. I think the trend of video is a unique opportunity for brands to showcase who they are and what they offer.

Overall, I found the Kate Spade’s brand interesting to audit but also very difficult. The brand continues to evolve with social media but still stays true to who they are. I really enjoyed seeing how each platform brought out a different side of the brand but with common threads.

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